Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last day at the lab

Well, today if the final day here and we got most if not all of what needed to be accomplished taking care of. I will still need to go back and make the questions better but for the most part a great deal of work was completed.

The Last Day of Blogging

Well today is the last day in class to finish up our podcast

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Aftermath

Today was productive but not complete. Tariq and I recorded about half of the inaugural address. We also were able to finish all of the questions and I'm very happy with our selection of questions. I feel that if a student can answer them they will have a true understanding of the reading.

Questions for the Podcast

What does JFK request of adversary nations?

What was the date this speech was given?

What has outpaced the instruments of peace according to JFK?

What are the 4 common enemies of man?

How long does JFK believe it will take to accomplish his goals?

The Speech

Today is the second to last day in class but if it snows on friday, I doubt we'll be in the computer lab the following tuesday. Knowing this we have a great deal of work to get done today. We still have to record the JFK speech, come up with 5 questions, and make sure that it is all done in a timely manner.

I expect it all to go over well but everything needs to be completed first. Today will be a very big day for the podcasting project.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Round 2 is over

Okay, so I was right about remembering most of the things we learned about podcasting last week.b Today Tariq and I recorded our introduction to JFK's inaugural address on podomatic. In fact by the time you see this post it should be appearing in the rss feed that was installed just a few minutes ago.

Next week we should be able to get start the process of spilting the speech in two and reading it.

Podcasting Round 2

Coming back in to the lab with the extended break of a snow break should not be difficult. My partner is in today so I feel a little less pressure with making sure if we do a recording everything won't be left to me.

I remembered most of the things we learned last week and shouldn't have any trouble using podomatic this time around. After grading my own lesson plan with the rubric I'm really not sure as to what my grade will be for it because I personally felt I could have added more during the assessment. Though I do believe that I remembered a great deal from aims because I did add a special needs modification though it doesn't appear to be required.